Kindness, Not Weakness

I am a person who believes strongly in modeling kindness through my actions and teaching the next generation the importance of being kind to one another.  As a teacher I run school wide assemblies and programs to help students understand the impact being kind can have.  With my children I have conversations and read books … Continue reading Kindness, Not Weakness

When Asking for Intimacy is Too Much

I always had a difficult time trying to get John to be intimate with me.  Physical interactions were far and few between, but what bothered me more than that was the emotional intimacy that seemed to be missing from our relationship.  From really early on I would ask John to share stories of his childhood … Continue reading When Asking for Intimacy is Too Much


I graduated college two years before John did.  I came back to Connecticut and got a job  teaching in a high school in Litchfield County.  The on going dance of nightly phone calls that almost always ended in nightly arguments continued.  Rereading my old journals revealed a pattern of recognizing the verbally abusive way John … Continue reading Curtains