John’s Hernia

For James' third birthday I bought him a trampoline.  It wasn't a full size trampoline that you see in the backyard of your neighbors house, but it was large.  Our house had a sizable finished basement with plenty of room for the trampoline to fit.  I decided to buy it for James partly because I … Continue reading John’s Hernia

The Second Love of My Live

The day my daughter was born I found myself falling in love for the second time in my life.  As soon as she entered the world and was placed on my chest, tears leaked out of my eyes and streamed down my cheeks.  I was still shaking uncontrollably from the physical task that had just … Continue reading The Second Love of My Live

When Asking for Intimacy is Too Much

I always had a difficult time trying to get John to be intimate with me.  Physical interactions were far and few between, but what bothered me more than that was the emotional intimacy that seemed to be missing from our relationship.  From really early on I would ask John to share stories of his childhood … Continue reading When Asking for Intimacy is Too Much