The Best a Man Can Get

I've been meaning to take a break from my personal stories to write a post about something that struck a chord with me.  A few months ago Gillette released a commercial that brought a lot of media attention.  It appeared the purpose of the commercial was to get people to ask themselves, is this the … Continue reading The Best a Man Can Get

The Teacher

As my adventures in dating continued I found myself trying out different dating sites.  I seemed to meet one bizarre person after another.   Some of them I could weed out right away.   For example, the chef who spent an entire conversation talking about the three times he was arrested (One of those times included a … Continue reading The Teacher

My First Date After Divorce

When I first started talking to people on the online dating apps I was very clear about my intentions.  I had just gotten out of a very unhealthy marriage and I was looking to meet people to spend time with, but I was not looking for anything serious.  My children would always come first and … Continue reading My First Date After Divorce

Adventures in Online Dating

If you've been following my blog then you know that up until this point my stories have been those of an abusive relationship in which I lost myself and dissolved into a person I didn't recognize.  Those moments still pop up frequently and John is still an aggressive, angry man.  But it's been a year … Continue reading Adventures in Online Dating