The Teacher

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As my adventures in dating continued I found myself trying out different dating sites.  I seemed to meet one bizarre person after another.   Some of them I could weed out right away.   For example, the chef who spent an entire conversation talking about the three times he was arrested (One of those times included a fist fight with a police officer).  Yea… didn’t need to think too hard about whether or not we were a match.

I ended up connecting with another special education teacher.  We both spend our days trying to better the lives of disabled children.  We were sure to be like minded! (Silly me)

At first, we seemed to have a lot in common.  We both loved music… the conversation flowed… I enjoyed spending time with him.  Then one day he shared with me that one of the things he didn’t enjoy about his ex was that she didn’t like to sit and listen to music with him.  Weird …. but ok.  I guess music was really important to him.

As we continued to go on a few dates here and there I realized what he meant by this was that he didn’t like that she didn’t want to sit on the couch and listen to music with him all day while he smoked Marijuana.   (Hey … to each their own!  But this is definitely not my scene)  I got to hear about how his ex was concerned that he had pot infused honey in his cupboard and how it was ridiculous that she thought their 4 year old son might mistakenly eat some.

Oh well.  Not as like minded as I thought.  But at least I was growing enough and respecting myself enough that I was able to walk away and go back to the drawing board.



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