Many First Dates

selective focus photography of man and woman sitting on chair inside restaurant during nighttime
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I didn’t let my first (very bad) experience in the dating world sour me from continuing to try.  I decided to keep at it in the hopes that there might be some nice, normal man out there that would be worth spending time with.  I went on a few first dates that didn’t go anywhere.

There was the exterminator… he seemed really nice.  We went on a coffee date one afternoon and ended up being there until they closed.  I thought it had gone well until later that night when he randomly text messaged me a few very strange things.  It was a very bizarre conversation and I started to think that maybe he was on some mind altering drug.  We never communicated with one another after that day.

Next there was the train conductor.  He seemed nice enough, but he was very dry.  All he talked about was money and what his plan was to make more money.  He did not seem very interested in anything that I had to say or trying to learn about me at all…. and seeing as he thought he was so financially intelligent… you can imagine my surprise when he couldn’t figure out the tip that should be payed after our meal.  I watched him as he literally scratched his head while doing the math.  He was not the man for me.

I went on a date with a bank teller, a bank loan officer, a pipe layer, a chef, a man who worked for the Muscular Dystrophy Association….  Again, they seemed like nice enough people… but they lacked personality… or a sense of genuineness… or some other important quality that I knew was a non negotiable for me.

I felt as if I was living my own version of 50 First Dates except each date was with a new person.  This new world of online dating provided an endless supply of interested men…. the problem was that none of them were interesting to me.

I knew that I still had a lot to learn about myself… and I also had a lot to learn about dating…. so I continued on my marathon of first dates, hoping that I would stumble upon a person that was interesting enough to warrant a second date.


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